[Supertux-devel] world 2

Wolfgang Becker uafr at gmx.de
Thu Feb 15 11:51:25 PST 2007

On 20070215 "R. A." <r__square at hotmail.com> wrote:
> ooooo....riiiighhttt.....i got it from macudate.com so i never 
> knew....ok....i got miestone 1 and finished the game already...when is 

They don't ship the documentation? Bastards.

> milestone 2 coming out? i can;t wait...i need entertainment :P thanks for 
> ur help.

>From http://supertux.lethargik.org/wiki/SuperTux_FAQ
| When will SuperTux Milestone 2 be released?
| This is by far the most frequently asked question of all, and the answer
| is simple:
| When it's done.
| Honestly, we don't have a release date yet. Just like many of you, we'd
| like to see Milestone 2 finished and released to the public as soon as
| possible, but since we all are busy with other, probably less
| interesting things, the amount of time we are able to put into this game
| is limited. Please be patient. 

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