[Supertux-devel] SuperTux Live Progress

Ravu al Hemio ravu_al_hemio at berlios.de
Wed May 9 13:07:16 PDT 2007

You might want to try putting "-fno-stack-protector" into your CFLAGS to
drop the latest-and-greatest-GLIBC requirement... the stack protector is
a shiny new feature of, AFAIK, GLIBC 2.5 and GCC 4.1; removing it might
even make binaries compatible with the ancient 2.2 or 2.1 if you're lucky.

(Tip: "nm <whatever> | grep GLIBC_2.4" to see if it depends on some 2.4
feature and which functions exactly. Replace the version number for each
version you want dependency info about.)

Best o'luck!

~~ Ondra

djwings at gmail.com wrote:
> I remember that people have complained that 430 (now 370) megabytes is 
> too much for a game demo. Now, as you may have heard, SLAX 6 uses 
> Glibc 2.5, which means that SuperTux 0.3.0 can finally run on it. SLAX 
> is a much smaller base system than the ones I've used (in fact, an 
> older version was what I originally used). How does a 220-or-less MB 
> CD sound? (KOffice is now a separate module, so it'll be easier to 
> remove it to make more room.)

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