[Supertux-devel] a new idea

Daniel Hauck daniel at yacg.com
Thu May 24 09:07:18 PDT 2007

Wonderland?  Are any of the other characters in your concept include or
involve Michael Jackson?

2007-05-24 (木) の 19:27 +0430 に Eugene Ghanizadeh さんは書きました:
> dear developers
> is it a good idea to start another supertux project parallell with
> current?
> my main idea is to develop a game based on current game, but with some
> more THINKING aspects instead of action ones. 
> for example i've thought of 3 characters instead of once _ possibly
> with various abilities, or ideas like this. 
> anyway i'd developed lots of new tilesets and graphic works for the
> patch that i have made last year ( for version 01.3 ). i 
> think the patch is useless, but its graphic works are nice. any need
> for them?
> it includes new environments ( such as industrial, space, temple,
> underground and a special new one named wonderland ) 
> with their creatures, and also 3 different themes for tux.
> regards
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