[Supertux-Devel] Voice Meeting?

Ingo Ruhnke grumbel at gmail.com
Sun Oct 7 14:15:55 PDT 2007

After switching to Ubuntu I now have mumble up and running, I also
stumbled across a precompiled binary, which might be worth a try for
those for who it doesn't compile:


When mumble works, its great, since it doesn't require a special
account and has great voice quality, but its hard to get to compile
and seems to have a few bugs. Anyway, if enough people get it to work,
it might be a good alternative.

There also seems to be a new version of Skype that adds conference
calls to Linux:


So something more to try, even so I doubt that they will work better
then Ekiga, which did quite well for most.

About the "making decisions" part, the main point of those meetings
should be to get everybody on the same track, get to know what other
people are working on and discuss the overall goal of the project, not
to meet up and vote democratically if feature X or Y should make it
into a game. And for that reason we really should make those meetings
much more frequently, i.e. every week or every second week, not just
every half a year, since after half a year everybody will have
forgotten what was going on and we can basically start from scratch
over again.

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