[Supertux-Devel] Enemy blocker (and Hungarian translation update)

AnMaster anmaster at berlios.de
Sun Oct 14 11:08:08 PDT 2007

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I committed the updated translation. Someone else will have to review and
commit the other patches.


DirtY iCE wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> long time ago, there was a problem with the invisible blocks: it was
> invisible only for the player.. and this caused mystrious bugs for the
> users, like the fire disappears at the middle of nothing.. so it became
> fixed. and now is totally invisible, so objects can go across it..
> but many levels (look into the bonus levels) used it as an enemy
> blocker: if you put an invisible block on the ground, the enemy will
> turn around at the block, if it were a wall, and the user can walk past
> it. and because he can't get under it, he can't hit is.. but with the
> new system is impossible to do.. so this is why I made this object..
> this object treated as solid for every object, that derived from the
> BadGuy class.. if it's not, it will ignore it.. (so the fire objects
> will happily go through it, while with the older trick it didn't)
> It's in enemyblocker.diff . I also made the leveleditor to work with it,
> it's in the enemyblocker_editor.diff . The required png file for the
> editor is enemyblocker.png, put it into supertux's (not editor)
> data/images/engine/editor directory. The source xcf file for that is
> enemyblocker.xcf .
> Apart from that, I've updated the hungarian translation, it's in
> hungarian_update.diff .
> ~DirtY iCE
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