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Wed Oct 17 08:09:56 PDT 2007

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well, if you look around, many platform game has such abilitiy.. some of
them works by that it not allow the enemy further than x tiles from it's
start point, some of them works like this invisibble wall.. and what do
you mean by visible monsterblocking object? a wall, that the player can
cross, but not the badguys? because that also would look weird..

and it's only my view, but I think we can't made good games, if
everything works the same everytime.. if we make an invisible route
somewhere hidden, it won't made the game worse..
or, made a game where there's no invisible wall/block, secret places,
holes where you can fall in, badguys, no coins further from the ground
by 1 tile, etc..
so, where would supertux go?

Wolfgang Becker wrote:

> This object will change the behaviour of badguys in a way that looks
> inconsistent for the player. Sometimes they walk all the way, sometimes
> (when blocked) they turn around. What about a visible monsterblocking 
> object instead?
> Tschüß,
> Wolfgang

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