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Ingo Ruhnke grumbel at gmail.com
Mon Oct 22 10:29:27 PDT 2007

On 10/22/07, Odin Omdal Hørthe <odin.omdal at gmail.com> wrote:
> Not that I understand why it should, this give
> one get one (G1G1) is an much better idea

It is a terrible idea for the long run because it nullifies the price
advantage that the OLPC has, if the choice is $400 OLPC vs $250 Asus
Eee, Classmate PC or something else, people simply will buy something
else. Now ok, the G1G1 is limited to two weeks or so, so it isn't
something for the long run, but its still not exactly clear what will
happen after that and that is kind of annoying.

> It still has specs different than «similar devices».

The reason why the OLPC is interesting for me is because its the
almost the only eBook/Webtablet thing out there that would be
affordable. All those ePaper things cost $500 or more, UMPCs costs
easily $1000 and up, neither Asus Eee nor Classmate PC have a
rotatable screen, so  you can't use them in tablet mode.

The only alternative I currently see is the Nokia N800 at $250, but
that has some issues with a too small screen and a lack of decent
controls (i.e. mostly touchscreen only, no good for SuperTux, but
Pingus already works on it). But runs Linux and is a mostly open

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