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Florian Forster supertux at octo.it
Mon Mar 1 06:11:53 PST 2010

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Hello everybody,

we're pleased to announce the release of another development snapshot,
version 0.3.3, after over three years of development. The release
features a lot of cleanups and improvements on our way to a stable
"Milestone 2" release.

The most notable change, for anyone who has played the 0.3.1 development
snapshot or SVN versions, is probably that the Forest world has been
removed from the main game. This means that there is no longer a passage
from Icy Island to the Forest. The world is still available under
"Contrib Levels", though. The reason for this is that the Forest is only
planned for Milestone 3 – and SuperTux still needs a lot of love until
that will happen.

Other changes include new badguys from the Milestone 2 design document,
for example the icecrusher "Krush", and retouched levels in Icy Island.
The Forest world is completable.


SuperTux is provided as source code tarball from BerliOS and Google
Code. The download URLs are:

  * <http://prdownload.berlios.de/supertux/supertux-0.3.3.tar.bz2>
  * <http://supertux.googlecode.com/files/supertux-0.3.3.tar.bz2>

SHA-256: fceaf95251092d5698211ff0f51f1c50237fa5e2a6690464e9835a66e18301d0


We're always looking for skilled people to help with the SuperTux
development. Currently, we're especially interested in level designers
who make some Icy Island levels. The levels should feature a snow or ice
theme, use the features planned for Milestone 2 only and should
otherwise follow the level style guide [0].


Thanks to everybody who made this version possible! Unfortunately it is
not possible to create a definite list of the people who helped, but
we'd like to thank you all, from coders, bug reporters to test players.
Your input is very appreciated!

Enjoy the game and please don't hesitate to give any feedback you might

—octo on behalf of the SuperTux development team

[0] <http://supertux.lethargik.org/wiki/Milestone_2_Design_Document/Styleguide>

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Florian octo Forster
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