[Supertux-Devel] Suggestions and questions about SuperTux

Rkarol.les rkarol.les at o2.pl
Wed Aug 17 14:25:32 PDT 2016

Hello!  I'm Raf and i love supertux. I have for you 6  suggestions, 6 questions and 1 criticism. They are here:  (Most of it is for ST editor. I use supertux2 0.4.0-718-ged90319)     suggestion-1: Add more possibilities of writing scripts in supertux editor 0.5.0 (I think)or give some sort of tutorial (supertux 0.1.3 - editor)                          of making animations like: boat in level that is going form point to point.   suggestion-2:  Make this editor easier to operate like in supertux 0.1.3 editor - settings. There was all in one: music, background, name etc.  suggestion-3: (superux2 editor this new one in game) Add possibility of scrolling on Tilegroups and Objects  like in ST 0.1.3.  suggestion-4: Add forest ground in level editor - worldmap.                 suggestion-5: Add more Hostiles in Objects.  suggestion-6: Connect all in one. I mean Ice world and forest world like in ST 0.3.0 and this what you will add to Milestone3.  question-1: Where's the  difference between Milestone 1 and 2? Is the forest Milestone 2 or the iceland?  question-2: What was the plan for supertux 0.3.0? Milestone3 or what. The worldmap was crazy and what that means?  question-3: Why you deleted ST editor for Milestone2? I <3 ST editor. Good that you returns it.  question-4: Can i send you some levels that i made and they seems good or if i can all world for maybe bonus island 4 or something :).                     (I have right now 11 levels made out of around 35 so if i can send worldmap i will send it probobly after 2 months.)                     (I must go to school.)  question-5: What program do you use to make levels in supertux?  question-6: Can you send me this program if it is ok for you?  criticism: You deleted Level editor, but i think you will return it :).   Thank you very much!  ST biggest fan  Raf    How to answer: (Please, please answer)   s1- answer yes/no and why  s2- asnwer  yes/no and why  etc.  q1- answer  q2- answer  etc.   Thank you very much!   P.S. I'm from Poland and I'm 13 so my English can be bad but i think it's good.

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