[Supertux-Devel] Graphic artist needed.

M. Teufel mteufel at urandom.eu.org
Tue Aug 30 11:16:15 PDT 2016

Hi there,

> I heard from linux game cast podcast you are looking for graphics.
> I'm opensource graphics artist and currently with free time.. Let's see if
> I could help out.

Nice to hear you're interested. I'm wondering what podcast that is you
heard about us, but anyway.

I hope you have already played the game (version 0.4.0 or later) and
know our graphics style? Your contributions' style shouldn't be much
different from that.
As I'm not a graphics artist, I'm not should if that could help you, but
there seems to be a little guide by our main artist, grumbel, available
at http://pingus.seul.org/~grumbel/gimp/drawing/.

I'm not sure what you'd want to do, but some easy tasks currently
available would be an animation to show when an ice cube (both the blue
ones and the pink ones) wakes up (see
https://github.com/SuperTux/supertux/issues/333). Alternatively, you
could go ahead and draw some backgrounds for the ghost forest, as we
currently don't have many for that specific part of the game.

There's more to do, but these would be some easier parts for the beginning.

If you want to chat with us, that's usually a lot quicker via IRC (see
https://github.com/SuperTux/supertux/wiki/IRC for help) or now also via
Matrix (see https://matrix.org/). The Matrix room can be found at
Of course you can also continue to use the mailing list if you don't
want to use the options I mentioned above.

M. Teufel

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